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Complete body waxing

 Experience the luxury of smooth, hair-free skin without the drawbacks of razor bumps and nicks. Our comprehensive waxing treatment ensures a baby-smooth, silky finish that lasts for weeks.

The process begins with facial waxing, addressing areas like eyebrows, sideburns, chin, nose, and lips. We then extend the experience to the intimate and bikini regions, ensuring precision and comfort throughout.

Continuing the journey to total smoothness, our waxing services cover arms, legs, and back, leaving no unwanted hair behind. Our skilled professionals use meticulous techniques and top-quality wax to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Indulge in the ultimate waxing experience, where the combination of precision and premium products ensures a long-lasting, flawless result. Revel in the confidence of smooth, hair-free skin for weeks on end. Book your session now for the epitome of silky, radiant beauty.


$250.00 90min

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