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Express Facial

In a rush but craving that radiant glow? Our Express Facial is the perfect solution! Designed for those on the go, this mini facial allows you to enjoy all the bells and whistles in just 30 minutes, leaving you with revitalized and glowing skin.

This swift and effective treatment is a favorite among our friends here at RÈVE, and it's especially cherished by our male clientele. Whether you're prepping for a special event, a lunchtime pick-me-up, or simply need a quick skincare boost, our Express Facial is tailored to meet your needs.

During this mini getaway for your skin, our skilled estheticians will cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your complexion, ensuring that you leave with a renewed sense of freshness and vitality. It's the perfect express solution for those who want to maintain healthy, glowing skin without compromising on time.

Discover the secret to a quick and effective skincare routine with our Express Facial at RÈVE HYDRATION & WELLNESS. Book your appointment today and experience the convenience of a mini facial that packs a punch, leaving you ready to conquer the day with a radiant glow. Because self-care should always fit into your busy schedule!

$85.00 30min

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